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IMAGE The Breeding Tank Everybody is Talking About!

  The Breeding Tank Everybody is Talking About!   Click here to read about what the experts are saying about the new beach-style breeding tank. Read More...
IMAGE NEW 1.7-liter breeding tank with unique design that promotes natural spawning behavior

The new 1.7-liter tank features a sloped interior –or “beach style” –that facilitates and promotes zebrafish spawning. A removable insert builds a shallow and a rest area inside the tank,... Read More...
IMAGE Registration Open! - 5th Annual Zebrafish Husbandry Course

The presenters at the conference are facility managers who are advancing zebrafish husbandry in their facilities and the zebrafish community. The attendees will get a firsthand knowledge on how to... Read More...
IMAGE New i-Spawn-S Sparks Great Interest at AALAS 2015

The interest in zebrafish as a research animal model continues to grow. This year, Tecniplast proudly introduced iSpawn-S, a 13-liter water capacity zebrafish breeding system with the flexibility to... Read More...
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