Zebrafish Housing

From small to medium to large… We have what you need.

Tecniplast’s ZebTec Zebrafish housing system is available in a variety of sizes and configurations.

With our multiple level racks and five tank options, we can meet the housing needs of research facilities of any size.

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Tanks: Innovative Technology

Tecniplast tanks are made within our factory to meet our standards for quality, design, and function.

  • Tank sizes available: 1.1L*, 3.5L* and 8.0L (* with optional divider) 
  • Innovative tank color & shape with Clean Tank Technology
  • Entire tank and lid molded in blue – reduces the growth of algae at tank level
  • V-channel bottom, rounded corners, sloped from front to back – funnels debris to suction point of the siphon for ultimate cleaning ability
  • Tanks and all components autoclavable and available in either FDA approved polycarbonate or polysulfone 

Siphon Cleaning at Tank Level 

Patented Siphon System at tank level provides excellent debris removal.

By utilizing our active siphon system along with the special tank shape and color, the maintenance required is significantly reduced compared to inefficient baffle systems utilized in other tanks.

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NEW 2.4L TANK: same space of two 1,1l tanks on the same row!


A unique size, able to be used with zebrafish of all ages (fry, juveniles or adults) introducing the same flexible concept of tanks interchangeability on short rows.

It can be used for:

  • isolating single adult fish
  • housing adult fish (up to 24 fish at 10 fish/L)
  • rearing fry and juvenile fish

IMPROVE RESEARCH POSSIBILITIES: split the tank into compartments using from one up to three dividers; moreover, dedicated plastic runners are usefull for environmental enrichment.

TRITONE CAN EASILY FEED 2.4L TANK EVEN WITH ALL DIVIDERS IN: the lid features 4 feeding holes.


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Z-PARK: the new housing tank which improves Zebrafish welfare.

Z-PARK is the new complementary approach to the housing of adult Zebrafish in larger groups.

Zebrafish is a schooling fish which can show aggressive behaviours if housed in small numbers: furthermore group housed zebrafish showed a preference for gravel substrate (Reference link)
Z-PARK provides a gravel bottom background for environmental enrichment.
Z-PARK allows the efficient spawning by means of a dedicated platform, without the need of removing fish.

  • Increased volume: 16l
  • Increased width: 68 cm
  • Increased surface area: 1600 cm
  • Increased fish density: up to 150-200 adult fish
  • Healthier stock maintenance
  • Dedicated spawning platform with sliding tray for ease of embryos collection
  • Fish divider
  • Best water quality during spawning
  • Easy to be retrofitted on existing Tecniplast racks  

All these features in a single, flexible and retrofittable tank!   

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Rack Systems: Designed with Intention


Our racks are built from coated 316L stainless steel which provide timeless support to your system. 


  • “Push and pull” valve with fine tune flow control prevents accidental water loss - NO HOSES. 
  • Mechanism allows for the end user to adjust flow to each tank.
  • Each valve has a visual indicator to confirm delivery at a glance. 


From 2 level racks to 8 level we have a design to meet your facility and housing needs.

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Life Support Systems:
Optimal Water Quality

  • Safe and consistent water quality 
  • Monitoring and dosings systems are designed to control optimal water quality.
  • Size and optional features vary depending upon your research needs. 

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Service & Support: We Got You Covered

Tecniplast offers a Preventive Maintenance Program and comprehensive Technical Support to ensure that your equipment will achieve their full potential service life. 

Our team of customer service specialists are here to help you, from immediate support for any technical concerns to product information, pricing, information requests and initial queries.

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