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Innovative technology for improved zebrafish breeding.
Large selection to accommodate your needs: pair breeding, small groups or large groups.

Sloped tank

  • 1.7 liter capacity
  • Design promoted natural spawning activity
  • Long beach style with gravel textured bottom

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On-system breeding
0.7-liter internal tank
1-liter tank with divider


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The NEW iSpawn-S is a 13-liter water capacity spawning system that allows researchers to collect embryos in batches of thousands at a time.

It offers the flexibility to produce embryos based on your lab needs by allowing single or multiple configurations; whether your research focuses on cellular, genetics, physiological or behavioral studies.

  • Flexibility to allow single or multiple configurations (cellular, genetics, molecular, physiological or behavioral studies)
  • Fits on a bench top. Easy to use. Easy to handle.
  • Successfully tested by experts in the field.



Thousands of synchronized embryos on demand.

iSpawn streamlines the production and collection of developmentally synchronized embryos in precise windows of time.

Developed by researchers, the system has been successfully tested in the largest zebrafish research facilities worldwide.  

  • Suitable for static conditions or recirculating system
  • Easy to use
  • Scientifically proven



Tecniplast offers a Preventive Maintenance Program and comprehensive Technical Support to ensure that your equipment will achieve their full potential service life. 

Our team of customer service specialists are here to help you, from immediate support for any technical concerns to product information, pricing, information requests and initial queries.

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