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IMAGE Registration is now open for this UAB Zebrafish Husbandry Education Online Course, Summer 2020

  In recognition of restrictions necessary to ensure safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, the annual Zebrafish Husbandry Short Course in Birmingham, Alabama, has been postponed.  The new target... Read More...
IMAGE Tecniplast Aquatics e-Shop: come and shop with us!

Among the different species used in laboratory animal research, zebrafish has been the one that has raised most of the interest over the last years. The peculiarities of this animal model are... Read More...
IMAGE Cancelled - 9th Annual International Zebrafish Husbandry Course

Unfortunately, given the current situation related to the Coronavirus pandemic, we are forced to cancel the 9th Annual International Zebrafish Husbandry Course, scheduled for Fall this year. Sadly... Read More...
IMAGE Our Partners View – Calypso at KCL

We are proud to introduce King’s College London Aquatic Facility, one of the world leading facility specialized in zebrafish scientific research with over 3,200 tanks and 10,000 litre system... Read More...
IMAGE iSpawn Zebrafish Breeding Tank Product Launched at Boston Children’s Hospital

A new fish tank designed to optimize zebrafish breeding is Boston Children’s most recent licensed product to hit the market.  Full article here:... Read More...
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