Algae and Biofilm…Gone! - No more scrubbing!

Tecniplast’s Calypso is the breakthrough washing technology exclusively created for aquatic research facilities.

Many months of investigation, testing, and analysis in the field, gave origin to the only washing system that removes algae and biofilm during the washing cycle, without manually scrubbing the tanks! The perfect combination of equipment, dedicated presentation rack, patented process, and formula of chemicals deliver perfectly clean and residue-free racks. 

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CALYPSO Aquatic Cabinet Washer 

  • Algae and biofilm perfect removal without need of manual scrubbing or tanks pre-treatment
  • Guarantee of precise cleaning thanks to multiple rinses including final rinse with RO water
  • Fits tight spaces due to the reduced operation footprint
  • Simplified utilities, only water and electricity needed, no exhaust and compressed air


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atlantis cage and racks washer

ATLANTIS EVO Delivers Squeaky-clean and Residue-free Tanks Without Scrubbing!

Atlantis EVO utilizes our EXCLUSIVE software-driven patented process and OxiPlus formula that eliminates algae and biofilm during the washing cycle. Its greatest flexibility and modularity simplifies and constrains during project phases and installation.

  • Greater efficiency and flexibility
  • Optimized footprint and utilities requirements
  • Intuitive and easy-to use HMI, self-start and self-diagnose; data collection and reporting, etc.


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Service & Support: We Got You Covered

Tecniplast offers a Preventive Maintenance Program and comprehensive Technical Support to ensure that your equipment will achieve their full potential service life.

Our team of customer service specialists are here to help you, from immediate support for any technical concerns to product information, pricing, information requests and initial queries. 

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